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The authors of The Stiletto Girls Anthologies


C. Deanne Rowe


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C. Deanne Rowe was born and raised in Southern Oklahoma.  She has lived in Texas, Nebraska and Iowa, settling in Iowa after she attended Oklahoma State University and married her high school sweetheart.

Writing became a passion as she was growing up beginning with poetry and later short stories.  Her dream of becoming a published author was realized later in life, but was as powerful of a dream then as when she was younger.

Her fondness for Cowboys was realized when she became the author of her first book Cowboy Temptation ~ Colt and Cassy, the first in her Cowboy Temptation Series.  She is also known as one of The Stiletto Girls, which have published anthologies in The Stiletto Series.


Glenna West



Glenna West

Glenna West grew up in a loving home in the South, and always dreamed of being an Author.  Today she lives a simple life on a farm in Tupelo, Mississippi with her husband and our numerous animals.  They have been lucky enough to have their children and grandchildren remain close.  There is nothing more special to Glenna than family even above her dreams of being published.  For Glenna, writing romances can be exhilarating when she finds the perfect characters and storyline.  The words simply pour out onto the paper.  Her stories take on a life of their own and can lead her readers through extremely emotional turmoil to the most delicious of love making.  Glenna is honored to be the vessel these stories use to come to life but she hopes all of you understand her wish to remain private, to try and keep her own identity a secret.  Out of respect for her family who know her as herself and her readers who allow her the honor to be the author Glenna West, she says thank you.











Magnolia “Maggie” Rivers

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A Southern girl born and bred, Maggie began writing as a child, and sold her first piece of writing at the age of twenty-one.  Growing up she spent as much time with books as she could.  She still loves that first smell of a book as you open its pages and the feel of the pages in her hands.

She writes hot, sexy, sizzling romances where the hero is just what the heroine needs:  strong, confident with broad shoulders and six-pack abs.  His face is more rugged than handsome but he has a heart of gold hidden underneath all his protective armor.

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  Try something new, something different, something exciting – write a book!  Leave a legacy!”


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