Stiletto Girls’ Street Team

The Stiletto Girls’ Street Team Members

Let me introduce our fun-loving, hard-working street team members.  What is a street team, you might ask.  These are people who’ve read our books and love them enough they help us spread the word.  We send them packets of information to hand out plus we have some fun as a group.  We hold contests just for them and they win prizes.  They also get extra special gifts from us for being kind enough to help in getting our name out there.  You, too, could be on our street team.  Just send an email and let us know you’d like to join.  Get in on the fun!


Janine Rowe

Janine Rowe – Texas


This is our Texas Street Team Member, Janine Rowe.  Janine tells us she just turned 50 last month; lives in Texas; loves shopping when her budget allows; is a housewife and avid reader.

She is also a cat rescue volunteer and does the fundraising for the rescue and helps at adoption events.

She also claims to be a napaholic, needing a nap every day or she gets cranky.  But mostly the naps are because she’s bored in the afternoons.







Carolyn Smith - Alabama

Carolyn Smith – Alabama


Carolyn Smith lives in Alabama, is a mother and grandmother.  An interesting fact about Carolyn is she is a fraternal twin.






Liz Gough - Washington

Liz Gough – Washington


Liz Gough lives in Washington, the state. At  age 50, she’s a Wellness Coach, Dancer, Para Educator, and SuperMom! In her spare time (what spare time?), she quilts and can tell you all about Young Living Essential Oils.









Susan Fox - Iowa

Susan Fox – Iowa


Susan Fox lives in Iowa and is an author.  You’ll love her books.  Check them out here.










Marylou Heacock - Iowa

Marylou Heacock – Iowa


Marylou Heacock lives in Iowa and has two grown children with lives of their own.  She is a belly dance instructor and for years she and a troupe of ladies have entertained Iowa’s nursing home residents.









Bill and Becky Sanford

Bill and Becky Sanford


Bill and Becky Sanford live in Alabama.  Bill had to travel all the way to Florida to find Becky but he found himself a keeper.  Becky is a sweetheart and since she puts up with Bill, that makes her even more special!

Bill will keep you laughing all day.  He spreads sunshine wherever he goes.  He checks on Maggie’s dad for her, too.

They’ve read all The Stiletto Girls’ books!






Jennifer Lamb Hesse

Jennifer Lamb Hesse


This is Jennifer Lamb Hesse lives in Iowa.  She is a Pampered Chef consultant.  If you need anything Pampered Chef related contact Jennifer!









Mary Caelsto-Lenker

Mary Winter


This is Mary Winter and she lives in Missouri.  Mary has a menagerie of animals around her place.  She is also an author and you can check out her books here.










Kerry Collins

Kerry Collins


This is Kerry Collins.  Kerry is our Minnesota connection. She is a Director of Nursing.  Kerry owned a miniature pot belly pig by the name of “Miss Lilly” who grew to be not so miniature.  But loved just the same.










Jennifer Mason

Jennifer Mason


This is Jennifer Mason.  She is another Iowa connection.  She just joined us so more about her later.