The 12 Days of Christmas

Celebrate this Christmas with 12 days of ROMANCE!

Day 1:

On the first day of Christmas … pick up a box of your love’s favorite cereal.  Then, stuff in as many small prizes as you can.  For instance, throw in some Hershey kisses, and small toys like tiny dolls or small cars.  Anything you can find that brings out the child in them.

Day 2:

On the second day of Christmas …  what about those two engraved champagne glasses you have stashed away.  Take them out, grab a bottle of champagne or wine and pour a toast to the day you first took a sip from those very special glasses.  Bring out the photo album and remember when.  Don’t have any?  Not a problem.  Buy two and engrave them yourself with stencils and etching paste from a craft store.  Make it a special night to remember.

Day 3: 

On the third day of Christmas … Plan three meals together.  Try breakfast in bed, pack a picnic lunch and finish with a candlelight dinner.  Plan ahead so you spend more time enjoying the meals together and less time actually preparing it.  Do breakfast in a crockpot so it’s hot and steaming when you wake up.  The picnic lunch could be packed the day before and the candlelight dinner could be at your favorite restaurant.  Or, think outside the box and hire a chef to come in and cook the meal for you while you relax at the table with your true love.

Day 4: 

On the fourth day of Christmas… try putting the pedal to the metal with four on the floor.  This time the “four on the floor” will be your feet  as you take a leisurely drive around town taking in the Christmas scenery.  Finish the trip with some homemade hot chocolate!

Day 5: 

On the fifth of Christmas … go to your local copy center and make a photocopy of one of your feet (5 toes).  Send it to your true love and tell them you can’t wait to tickle, kiss, rub or whatever, the real thing.

Day 6: 

On the sixth day of Christmas, send your true love six of their favorite flower.  Or better yet, place one in six different places for them to find.

Day 7: 

On the seventh day of Christmas … it’s 7th heaven time!  Go outside in warmer climates or take a drive in colder ones and find a place to gaze upward!  Count the stars or find the different constellations.  If it’s overcast and not a good night for outside watching, simply arrange some glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling.

Day 8: 

On the eighth day of Christmas … buy 8 small photo frames.  Inside the frames place 8 memory photos of the two of you doing fun things together.  You can place them on a shelf, top of a piano, hang from the wall or any place where your love will see them often.

Day 9: 

On the ninth day of Christmas … buy nine balloons.  Write love notes on each.  Blow them up and tie them where they’ll be found like on the door handle of your love’s vehicle, the shower door, to their office chair.  There’s hundreds of fun places!

Day 10: 

On the tenth day of Christmas …buy or make 10 small presents – trinkets – and hide them all around the house

Day 11: 

On the eleventh day of Christmas … get a round styrofoam ball and a small vase to set it in.  Use straight pins to pin eleven pieces of candy to it so it resembles a flower.

Day 12: 

On the twelfth day of Christmas …pull out those old cards from your honey and make a photo collage out of 12 of them!